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A FUTURE BETWEEN GLOOM AND HOPE - Tackling social and environmental threats

THE SOUL OF A CITY - A city's life all focused on the stones

THE FINAL CUT - From a rough stone to a gem

THE SUBCONTINENTAL INFLUENCE - An influential community running markets

WARLORDS AND SMUGGLERS - Helping gems to evade the country

RUBY ROYALTY - An old family affair

TILL THE LAST CRUMB - The perpetuation of an old tradition by women and children

MEN WHO MINE - A tough job for a piece of dream

KHAKI CAPITALISM - Army, ruby kings and foreign investors

YEARS OF RESOURCEFULNESS - Dictators, nationalizations and isolation

A BRITISH BONANZA -  Mogok under British colonization

THE PHILANTHROPIST - Mogok valley under the last Burmese king

12 Chapters

PIGEON BLOOD VALLEY (with Adolf Peretti)

A unique insight provided into the legendary provenance of 'pigeon blood' rubies from Mogok (Myanmar). From the time of the last Burmese king to the questions surrounding the future potential of the valley.

240 pages, published in 2016 by GRS GemResearch SwisslabAG. The proceeds of this book will be donated to the Mogok project supporting HIV positive children

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